A question often asked is, “What content makes great website content?”
Every website has 2 types of content and both play a part in insuring your site works for you.
The first type of content is your site content. It’s the content that everyone expects to see on your website. It includes “About Us” page, “Contact Us” page, “Privacy Policy” page, “FAQs” page and a “Term of Use” page.

The second type is your marketing content. This includes your blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts, articles and so on. Your marketing content is your most effective way to drive the Search Engines traffic to your site. This should be an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Your marketing content should have 4 elements. It should be useful, original, friendly and credible.

Useful Content
Teach your visitors something they didn’t know and showcase your expertise!
Answer questions you know people wonder about your industry or products.
When you’re being useful and helpful, you’re helping your visitors into making a buying decision.

Original Content
Don’t copy and paste from somewhere else. Search Engines hate that and it’s not great business practice! Put your own twist on things and give your own views.
If you want to review someone else’s work, cite it and give your opinion.
Original content will mean your visitors will come back to read more in the future.

Friendly Content
Don’t write for the Search Engines but don’t forget them either. Your content should be informative and interesting to your visitors. Don’t be too formal but don’t forget to include your keywords if the article is relevant to them within the text.

Credible Content
Ensure your content can be trusted, don’t make things up!
If giving stats and numbers, give the source you found those from.
If you’re just starting out, invite experts and established contacts to write guest blogs for you.

Keeping those 4 simple elements in your mind when writing your website content will ensure you have great content which will appeal to potential customers.

Written by Gaƫlle Scohier


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