Attracting new customers isn’t easy and grabbing their attention and retaining them is even harder. To this end, you must ensure that your website is as customer friendly as possible. This will also help with your Search Engine position since it will help with your bounce rate.

Below are a few things to avoid when designing your website.

Bad Navigation
Nothing is more annoying than a site which is difficult to navigate. If it’s too complex, it can leave the user frustrated and angry, not really feelings you want potential customers to feel!

Make sure the navigation on your site is intuitive and logical. Try grouping the navigation elements in one central place. If your website is fairly large, ensure a sitemap is available to help visitors find what they’re looking for quickly.

Too Many Ads
Adverts can be a legitimate way of monetising your site but too many, can be suffocating to your visitors.

Make sure that they are discreet and placed in a tasteful way around your site. Try to avoid pop up ad boxes or other pages which open from nowhere.

Poor Content Structure
A poor structure can seriously affect your retention rate and ultimately your conversion rate. It is estimated that 50% of sales because potential customers can’t easily find what they are looking for.

Don’t have visitors look for what they need. Group similar content in an easy and simple manner. Use bold headings and highlight any keywords your visitors might be looking for.

Annoying Use of Audio & Video
Having video & audio which loads automatically can drive people away.

Give your visitors the option to view your videos and listen to your audio clips. If you feel that it must play automatically, ensure the way to stop it is clear and easy to find.

Forced Registration
Forcing your visitors to register in order to access content is a physical barrier many don’t like.

If you want your visitors to register to access some of your content, ensure you offer a preview or demo of what is on offer.

Boring Content and Boring Design
A dull website with no purpose and fresh content will have visitors running for the hills.

A minimalistic site can be beautiful and effective if done correctly. Always ensure that your visitors can find what they’re looking for easily. Allow for interaction with your visitors by adding a blog, a forum if appropriate and special features updated regularly.

Poor Legibility
Bad font choices, poor colour choices and spelling mistakes can all add to a poor experience.

Choose fonts which are easy to read and avoid harsh colours. Check the spelling of all your content. If you have difficulties in putting your content together, consider hiring a copy writer.

Keep It Fresh
Content which is outdated and stale can drive visitors away.

By keeping your content fresh and up to date, you will ensure that visitors will return to your site.
It will also help you rank higher with the Search Engines. Try using a blog on your site. A blog is an easy way to keep your content updated with news and relevant articles. It will also help you show case your expertise.

if you have any questions and need help, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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