There are many print offerings out there for businesses to choose from but many offer very poor value for money. They’ve got a brand and they’re on TV but once you compare like for like, businesses are getting a very poor deal! 

I was curious to see how we compared with the 3 most popular print websites that our customers were likely to use and I was really shocked at the difference in cost. The first site (Site A) is renown for their TV advertising and “free” business cards, Site B’s name has only 3 letters and Site C as well as having an internet offering can also be found on the high streets in most cities and towns. 
To be fair with the comparison, I decided to do a like for like comparison which is the only way this can be done fairly. 

Let’s start with Business Cards – something every business will be ordering at some point. 

We’ll do a basic order of 500 double sided business cards, 350gsm premium silk on a 2 day turn around. 

Site A – £41.48 (includes a saving of £16.66) 

Site B – They didn’t offer 500 so I looked at 400 which came to £103.78 and 600 which came to £144.56. 

Site C - They don’t offer 350gsm so I looked at 300gsm instead (£96, this was on a minimum of 4 working days) and 400gsm – £100.80 (this included a 50% discount on business cards).

Keepoint – £28.80 – add £25 if you don’t have your own design and want us to design it for you. 

The second product I decided to look at where leaflets. 

We’ll do a basic order of 500 double sided A5 Litho flyers, 130gsm gloss on a 4 day turn – around.

Site A – The paper size differ slightly from an A5. Their offering is 216mm x 139mm but the paper stock is a tad thicker at 135gsm. – Cost of £85.18 (includes a saving of 30%)

Site B – Doesn’t offer flyers as part of their products. Could be an issue if you use of their own designs and are unable to apply the same branding to the rest of your marketing collateral! 

Site C – They don’t offer 130gsm but offer 115gsm for £132. 

Keepoint – £42.00 all in – add £25 if you don’t have your own design and want us to design it for you. 

All in all, they’re probably not as good value as you thought…. 

Although Site A & Site B will offer a choice of existing designs you can customise yourself, it really isn’t a good idea to use those. Your brand should be unique and represent who you are.
I currently have 5 business cards on my desks which were quite clearly ordered from Site A and which are all identical! Not really the best way to stand out, is it? 
Design work isn’t as expensive as you may think and since you get handed over the final files, you can easily re-order any material even if you decide to change supplier. 

Feel free to get us to quote for anything else and see how we compare! 

All prices stated above were correct at the time when this post was created: 18/06/2013. 

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